Notifications of Nonsense

Welcome to Notifications of Nonsense. This is a blog about music. Not all the music is new per say, yet it is anything that I, or the other writers are currently listening too. This will incorporate all genres of music from all over the world.

The inspiration for this blog came from the tremendous week music just experienced. First off, the mix/mash artist Girl Talk released a new album entitled All Day, which is available for free here. The second event was the final releasing of The Beatles catalog on iTunes, hopefully exposing new fans to their amazing music. The third and final happening of this last week was the posthumous pardon of the legendary Jim Morrison by Florida’s governor, Chris Crist. The full story can be viewed here. So all of this, along with personal motivation inspired me to create Notifications of Nonsense.

The name, Notifications of Nonsense came from a Facebook post by one of my friends in which they mentioned the phrase “notifications of nonsense” to which another one of my friends replied, “That would be a good name for a band”. Unfortunately, that band was never formed but this blog was. With that I bring you endless Notifications of Nonsense.


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