Noah Gundersen: A Sonic Wall of Euphoria & Melancholy

Noah Gundersen’s new LP “White Noise” is a sonic wall of euphoria and melancholy taking you on an emotional journey from start to finish. This record brings new and exciting layers to the solo project as he experiments musically and pushes his sound forward.

The vocals in this record can provide just as much of a sonic texture as a lyrical element. This is most evident in “Sweet Talker” and is as much of a testament to Phil Schawel, the mixing engineer, as it is to the vocal ability of Gundersen.

The experiments manifest in “Cocaine, Sex and Alcohol (From A Basement In Los Angeles)” a track that begins with simple vocals and piano, grows into The Head and the Heart-style harmonies over a string section. A two-note bass line takes over as synths whirl over the top. The vocals drift and the drums play highly syncopated rhythms. It’s all so intoxicating.

However, he does this while still holding true to the signature elements of his music. My favorite aspect of Gundersen’s music is the incredible raw emotion he is able to translate so effectively, a feat certainly helped by his exceptional vocal talents. This can be heard in every track, especially “Bad Actors”, “Fear & Loathing” and “Wake Me Up, I’m Drowning”.

Noah Gundersen is expanding his palette. “White Noise” has elevated his sound with its lush and epic arrangements. It flirts with many genres, subjects and musical landscapes and proves Gundersen is an exceptional songwriter.

Pick up a copy of “White Noise” today.



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